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Association of Data Protection Officers Germany

Founded 1989

Location: Berlin

The Berufsverband der Datenschutzbeauftragten Deutschlands (Association of Data Protection Officers, BvD) represents the interests of about 1500 company and official data protection officers and consultants in Germany. It was founded in 1989 and is the oldest association representing the interests of the sector. Headquartered in Berlin, they are promoting modern and feasible data protection.


Founded in 1999

Location: Berlin

Germany’s biggest digital association that represents over 2,500 enterprises of the digital economy. It supports digital transformation in all sectors: education, politics, law, SMEs, tech & software, security and more via seminars, training and coaching, research and consulting and networking events.

German Blockchain Association

Founded in 2017

Location: Berlin

The Blockchain Bundesverband (German Blockchain Association, Bundesblock) is a non-profit membership association founded in 2017. The association focuses on blockchain technology education for decision makers in politics and industry-leading corporations, as well as the broader public. It is their central idea that blockchain and similar decentralized technologies based on cryptography represent fundamental infrastructure innovations.

VOICE – Federal Association of IT-Users (in German)

Founded in 2011

Location: Berlin

The VOICE – Bundesverband der IT-Anwender (Federal Association of IT-Users, VOICE) is the largest representation of digital decision-makers on the user side in the German-speaking world. They represent a cross-section of DAX, MDAX and SMEs. The association brings together decision-makers in IT and digital business from leading companies of all sizes and industries in formats such as roundtables and expert workshops, but also online on an exclusive online platform.

Federal Association of German Startups (in German)

Founded in 2012

Location: Berlin

The Bundesverband Deutsche Startups (Federal Association of German Startups, Startup-Verband) is a network of start-ups and the voice of the community in relation to politics, society and established economy. The goal of the association is to create a network connecting legislators, founders, investors, and startups. The association is seriously engaged in international outreach and building bridges with global startups hubs.

Federal Association for Digital Education (in German)

Founded in 2017

Location: Hannover

The Bundesverband Digitale Bildung (Federal Association for Digital Education) is a network of educational institutions, companies, science and political actors. The association seeks to digitalize the education sector in a consequent and sustainable way. It provides support on digital transformation to kindergartens, schools, universities and professional institutions.

Federal Association of Health IT (in German)

Founded in 1995

Location: Berlin

The Bundesverband Gesundheits-IT (Federal Association of Health IT, BVITG) represents the leading IT providers in the German healthcare sector. BVITG is increasingly focusing on expanding the dialogue with politicians, associations and users, and on informing the public about the market and its players. The BVITG offers member companies the opportunity to establish and/or expand on their contact network.

Federal Association of IT-SMEs (in German)

Founded in 1989

Location: Aachen / Berlin

The Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand (Federal Association of IT-SMEs, BITMi) is an IT professional association that exclusively represents the interests of medium-sized enterprises. It provides the companies from all areas of the IT industry with free access to latest technological developments and trains IT specialists.

Competence Network Trusted Cloud

Founded in 2015

Location: Cologne

The Kompetenznetzwerk Trusted Cloud e. V. (Competence Network Trusted Cloud, CNTC) is responsible for the „Trusted Cloud“ label for cloud services that identifies reliable cloud services in commerce – particularly for SMEs. Furthermore, it is responsible for the Trusted Cloud directory for cloud consultants in which trustworthy cloud consultants are listed. It is mandated by the BMWK.

Digital Society (in German)

Founded in 2010

Location: Berlin

Engaged to protect consumer rights in the digital space, the association Digitale Gesellschaft (Digital Society) seeks to strengthen freedom of speech on the Internet and enhance access to information in a transparent manner.