National Platforms

National platforms serve to unite experts from science, industry, and society, in order to strengthen the international positioning of Germany in the area of digitalization. Below, you will find a list of publicly-funded platforms (comprised of subject matter experts, drawn from among the largest corporate bodies) that are of national importance.

Nationale Plattform Zukunft der Mobilität

Duration: 2018 - 2021

Mandated by BMVI

Nationale Plattform Zukunft der Mobilität (NPM) (National Platform Future of Mobility) is the largest national platform set up by the Federal Government to monitor and analyze current and future trends in the field of mobility. NPM advises on the necessary strategic decisions in the sector and clarifies facts on complex and controversial topics. Concrete recommendations for action are made to politicians, industry and civil society. The aim is to develop solutions for an environmentally friendly mobility system in Germany involving different means of transportation. NPM began its work in September 2018 and will be active until 2021.

Plattform Lernende Systeme

Duration: 2017 - 2022

Mandated by BMBF

Designing self-learning systems for the benefit of society is the goal pursued by the Plattform Lernende Systeme (Platform for Machine Learning Systems) which was launched at the suggestion of acatech. The members of the platform are organized into seven Working Groups and a Steering Committee which consolidate the current state of knowledge about self-learning systems and Artificial Intelligence. They point out developments in industry and society, analyze the skills which will be needed in the future and use real application scenarios to demonstrate the benefit of self-learning systems. A Managing Office at acatech coordinates the work of the platform.

Plattform Industrie 4.0

Duration: 2013 – 2020

Mandated by BMWi and BMBF

Being the largest Industry 4.0 network worldwide, with over 300 participants from more than 150 organizations, the platform aims to develop joint recommendations for all stakeholders, that serve as the basis for a consistent and reliable framework. The platform will initiate alliances and networks at the precompetitive stage which support the evolution of the entrepreneurial skills and energy present in Germany. The platform aims to identify all relevant trends and developments in the manufacturing sector and to combine them to produce a common overall understanding of Industry 4.0.