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The German Digital Technologies website serves as a dynamic directory for experts in administration, business, and research that provides a comprehensive overview of key German initiatives, programmes, stakeholders, and strategies in the evolving digital technologies arena, including:


Large amounts of data are being generated every second by billions of devices: from personal computers, smartphones and wearables to cyber-physical systems in the industry – the Internet of Things (IoT) comprises all these sources of our wealth of data. IoT needs to be capable to transfer fluctuating data streams and ensure connectivity at all times.


Artificial Intelligence lets machines learn from very large data sets by identifying patterns and showing insights in complex systems and thereby enable more precise strategic decisions. German machine learning applications focus on Open Source technologies and therefore help to develop solutions accessible for a large group of end users.


Heterogenous data from data lakes and streams need to be assessed, refined and merged to make use of their combined information potential. German Big Data technologies can help to handle the Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity of today’s data masses with complex data management solutions.


With online interactions getting automated and information networks expanded, the risk for security breaches increases, too. The latest digital technologies create transparency, trust and control over connected devices and shared information by implementing security-by-design and standards for transfer protocols and identity management.

The website was created within the purview of the Forum Digital Technologies, a national networking platform for smart data technologies and stakeholders, in collaboration with Bitkom and German Trade & Invest (GTAI). Smart Data Forum is a project coordinated by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).